Pharah is the scourge of the skies, using her Jump Jet to survey the battlefield from above and her rockets to soften up targets below.

Pharah Move List

Primary: Rocket Launcher
Pharah’s Rocket Launcher has long range and big damage. On a direct hit it’s killer, but it’s also solid splash damage. If your aim is spotty, keep your crosshairs at your enemy’s feet or nearby walls for that explosive kick. Also try to hit them coming down from a jump. Her rockets do self-damage, so be careful. Clip size: 6

Jump Jet
Jump Jet will shoot Pharah high into the air very quickly. Once airborne, you can hold down jump to hover until your fuel runs out. The trick is is not to hover too much; it’s all about course correcting your landing, not actual flight. Hover is slow and makes you an easy target.

Concussive Blast
Pharah’s wrist rockets push targets far away from the blast radius. Good for pushing enemies out of control points or off ledges into pits. The Concussion Blast can also be used to push Pharah away from walls for mobility.

Ultimate: Barrage
Pharah’s Ultimate shoots a stream of high-damage rockets over the course of 3 seconds. It’s great for cleaning up control point, but her Ultimate leaves her stationary for a long time, making her an easy target. Barrage pairs great with Zarya and Mei’s Ultimate abilities, which stop enemies in their tracks for a bit.


How to Play Pharah
Pharah is all about going vertical to punish the enemy team from above. Most enemies will look at specific chokepoints on defense; Pharah can take to the skies to attack from a different vector. She’s also great for mopping up an entire team clustered on a payload or control point. Don’t hover too much, you’ll just make yourself an easy target. Indoor areas and corridors also take away Pharah’s big selling points, keeping her on the ground.

Who Pharah Works Best Against
Mei: Mei is all mid-range in an average player’s hands. Pharah can attack from long-range and Mei’s Ice Wall is no protection against Jump Jets.

Junkrat: His Frag Launcher is not a pinpoint aim weapon, so Pharah can make things hard for Junkrat.

Reinhardt: Fly above, get behind that big shield and soften Reinhardt from above. If he stops using his shield to attack you, your team can clean him up.

Who to Watch Out For When Playing Pharah
McCree: McCree’s primary fire will chew you up if you’re hovering.

Soldier 76: Like McCree, if you’re airborne, Soldier 76’s kit is made to take you down quickly.

Roadhog: The Chain Hook can pull you right out of the air. Not good at all.

As we’ve now taken you through all the ways to get the very best out of Pharah, all that’s left for you is to take to the skies and keep this guide in mind.